Servant Leadership Coaching

How would your life as a servant leader be different if you could count on a confidential partnership with an experienced leader and skilled coach who is focused on you? 

The coaching relationship assists you to explore and tend areas of your life and leadership you wish to change or grow.  As your coach, I partner with you to define and create a practice of leadership which honours your commitment to servant leadership and personal growth; a practice of leadership which advances faithful service and personal wholeness.

Coaching conversations inspire and equip you to discover yourself, to clarify your intentions, and to design strategies for moving forward.  I’ll listen, question, plan, accompany, evaluate and celebrate with you as you discern and take action to move from where you are to where you want to be in any area of your life and leadership.

Whatever the field in which you desire to serve or are called to lead, the coaching relationship strengthens your ability to:

  • realize your best self,
  • discern and maintain clarity of purpose,
  • relate appreciatively and compassionately to others, and
  • “dance in the moment” in response to changing needs and circumstances.

A coaching partnership will reveal wisdom and release energy you didn’t know you had.  Contact me to explore how coaching may serve you and your servant leadership.

There is something subtle communicated to one who is being served and led if, implicit in the compact between servant-leader and led, is the understanding that the search for wholeness is something they share.

Robert K. Greenleaf, The Servant as Leader