Spiritual Accompaniment

Theology and coaching are expansive by nature.  Both are about entertaining questions rather than settling on answers, and discerning a direction more than deciding on a destination.

Perhaps you are Christian, by upbringing or profession, and you're asking questions.

  • “Where is God in all this?” 
  • “Where am I? 
  • "What do I want it to mean to live my life as a Christian?"
  • “Where do I find companions on this journey of faith?”

Or maybe,

  • You’re seeking to live faithfully in the midst of disorienting change.
  • You’re re-thinking your role in the church.
  • You're Christian at heart, but separated from church.
  • You’re ready to live your spiritual life in a new way.

Our relationship with God will change and grow with our experience of life.   So will our relationship with the community of faith.

Jesus the Christ asks questions that call us to reflect, take heart and act:

  • “What are you looking for?”
  • “What do you want me to do for you?”

and assures us that the realm of God is within and among us.¹

It’s okay to ask questions.  The Gospels record 183 questions having been asked of Jesus; he only directly answered 3.  Jesus, in turn, asked 307 questions.

As your coach, it’s my privilege to assist you to formulate the questions, recognize the answers and practice how you will live your faith.  Contact me and let’s share the journey.

¹Biblical references: John 1:38; Matthew 20:32; Luke 17:21

We have to keep looking for the spiritual questions if we want spiritual answers.

Henri Nouwen