Stress Resilience

Stress damage becomes obvious when it affects our leadership decisions, our relationships or our health.  Stress resilience is achieved through self-awareness and learning new ways to respond to stress from the inside out.

I offer three programs to equip you to heal from stress damage and build stress resilience into your life. 


A simple and powerful technique for resetting our stress response is the HeartMath® stress management interactive learning system.  From the HeartMath Institute, it’s research-based, sensible, and easy to learn.

In a series of 4-6 one-to-one coaching sessions with me, you will:

  • identify the causes of your stress, how stress affects you, and how you respond
  • receive an introduction to HeartMath® and instruction in the Quick Coherence® technique
  • participate in interactive learning sessions using the emWave® technology
  • benefit from individualized coaching and follow-up.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) has become the world’s most widely used personality indicator, helping millions of people understand their preferences for taking in information, making decisions, and orienting one’s energy. 

The MBTI® Stress Management Report uses your MBTI® results to focus on how you are likely to experience and react to stress, and suggests particular ways you can manage stress successfully.

As an MBTI® Certified Practitioner, I’ll administer your MBTI® assessment and provide interpretation and  coaching to equip you to use the insights from these reports to create and implement a plan for responding to stress in your life and work.


From High Performing Systems, ARSENAL™ is a tool to help one mitigate the negative impact of stress.  It identifies seven best practices of building a Stress Resilient System™:  Awareness, Rest, Support, Exercise, Nutrition, Attitude and Learning.  These best practices become an arsenal against stress. 

The ARSENAL™ Individual Assessment is a self-scoring questionnaire which measures your current level of strength in each area.  The ARSENAL™ Full Report includes a Developmental Plan Outline.  Complete the questionnaire at my online assessment page, receive personal feedback, and one-to-one coaching to build stress resilience into your life.


Contact me to make an appointment for a conversation about solutions for your stress.

It's not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it.

Hans Selye