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Life Coaching

Life Coaching assists you to discover your purpose, affirm your values and align your daily life with what’s most important to you.  Life coaching begins wherever you are and provides the resources and accompaniment to enable you to proceed to where you want to be. 

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Stress Resilience

Coaching for stress resilience will help you to identify the causes and effects of stress in your life, and to learn and practise healthy ways of responding to stress and building resilience.

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Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is for leaders who aspire to the leadership model of service first.  Coaching conversations equip you to discover yourself, to clarify your goals, and to design strategies for moving forward, with a coaching partner focused on you.

Grief Recovery

Many kinds of loss affect our lives and, in the midst of grief, personal coaching offers the companionship, information and insight to cope with the pain of loss and begin to recreate one’s life.

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Living Christian

Spiritual Accompaniment provides a listening presence and shared discernment to persons exploring spiritual questions or the practice of their Christian faith.

Quiet Days offer a time and place apart for reflection and renewal.

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